Week of Coffee brings local and international coffee figures to compete about
the perfection of Cup of Coffee.

Call of Culture is an innovative culture dialogue enterprise exposes diverse cultures and engages individuals around the world to take more active role in reflecting their culture. Call of Culture develops platforms (media and tools) for individuals to take active role in culture dialogue. LE C ALLIANCE brings public / private mix to an advanced innovative culture dialogue.

For the sixth time Call of Culture and partners plans to conduct a series of activities celebrating Coffee local and international culture, specifically specialty coffee culture, and promote different use of coffee in creative urban ways in addition to important topics and issues of coffee economically and socially. Thriving coffee community needs events. Week of Coffee allow coffee lovers to meet, discuss, and collaborate. It provide a platform for innovation, help professionals to improve their skills, through learning new things and competing.

This year Week Of Coffee event will be held on 16th December, 17th December, 18th December, and 19th December. Choose the date from following options and register for the event now!

To attend this event please select the Date and Time Slot as per your convenience 


  1. The total duration of the event is two hours
  2. There are three zones A, B, and C
  3.  You will need to move from zone A to B and then to C sequentially
  4. Every 40 minutes you will be requested to move to the next zone. Moving to the next zone is obligatory.

Very important cautions

  1. Due to COVID-19 preventions you need to precise to the time-window in your tickets, you will not be allowed to enter before the time however; you have up to 20 minutes to be late.
  2. Upon arrival, you will need to show your Tawaklna application QR which will tell us if you have mixed with corona patient or have been infected by corona.
  3. Guests who have yellow or red color on their Tawaklan application will strictly not be allowed to enter Week of Coffee.
  4. You need to wear your masks at the gate and during the event, use sanitizers, and maintain a 1.5-meter distance from others.
  5. Every 40 minutes you will be requested to move to the next zone. Moving to the next zone is obligatory.
  6. Please note, your ticket is not refundable in case you fail to show up at all or in 40 minutes after your time-window begins.


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