VIP (Couple) Tickets

Extra Services Included With VIP (Couple) Tickets Are As Follows

Pick up by Luxury Car, home – hotel – home.

Cup of Excellence experience for 2 hours.

Two people.

Following Time Slots are available for booking – VIP (Couple) Tickets

Wednesday – 16th DECEMBER

Please choose a time to visit the week of coffee and our chauffeur will be there to pick you up in a luxury car. We shall provide you a great service at the Birds Cage of Galleria treated by a cup of excellence catered by C-Hub. 

Your reservation is good for two persons, and the pickup shall be from one location. 

The total duration of the event is two hours.

Very important cautions

  1. Due to COVID-19 preventions you need to precise to the time-window in your tickets, you will not be allowed to enter before the time however; you have up to 20 minutes to be late.
  2. Upon arrival, you will need to show your Tawaklna application QR which will tell us if you have mixed with corona patient or have been infected by corona.
  3. Guests who have yellow or red color on their Tawaklan application will strictly not be allowed to enter Week of Coffee.
  4. You need to wear your masks at the gate and during the event, use sanitizers, and maintain a 1.5-meter distance from others.

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